About us

The Janík Motorsport team has been involved in motorsport for almost 30 years and now operates at a professional level in both domestic and international championships.

The origins of this team go back to hill climb car racing, where the team was able to achieve the highest awards, and thanks to this Václav Janík, the owner of the team and also a driver, is the representative of the Czech Republic.

In recent years, our team has expanded its activities to circuit racing. The main series include TCR Europe, TCR Eastern Europe, Clio Cup, ESET Cup Series, where we are definitely not lost among the great competition. In the TCR Eastern Europe series, our cars have won several overall victories. In addition, in 2022 we won the title of the best team of the entire series and in 2023 we defended this title. Our driver Mato Homola also won the title among the drivers and Adam Kout finished in third place.